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Magnetic Signs

Place on vehicle during work week, remove on weekend

Car Protector Strips & Stoneguard

Damage from other car doors! Stones Flying on the highway!  Bags being dragged across boot sills! Avoid the damage by fitting protector strips and 3M Clear Vinyl Film

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Car Protector Strips & Films

Prevent damage caused by car doors opening onto your paintwork , stones flying up onto bonnets.  Fit protector strips & StoneGuard vinyl film fitted to bonnet and boot sill.  MORE...

Vehicle Graphics & Pinstripes

Reflect your style with vehicle graphics, pinstripes, in beautiful printed styles, or two colour computer cuts. You are only limited by your imagination.  MORE...


Essential vehicle signage to promote your business..  MORE...


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Magnetic Signs  -  placed on car during week -  remove on weekend

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Computer Cut vinyl magnetic sign  -  600mm x 300mm in two or three colour layout -  cost for one pair of magnetics  -  $250.00 including design and make

Printed magnetic sign - 600mm x  300mm   Full colour print in whatever design you require  -  cost of one pair of magnetics  -  $320.00 including design and make


PREPARATION   -  The magnetic sign and the metal surface should be clean and dry.  For vehicle signs, waxing of paintwork is recommended prior to placement.


Some moisture and dirt will collect between the magnet and the paint surface.  It is essential that the sign is removed and the magnet and paint surface are cleaned with a mild detergent once a week and re-waxed.  Also clean and dry after EXPOSURE TO RAIN and during VERY HOT HUMID WEATHER.

Both magnet and metal surface must be dry before re-application.


When removing magnetic signs do not expose the magnetic side or lay it down where there are any iron filings in your workshop or garage as this will adhere to back of magnetics and rust your car surface.  When not in use, place magnetic sign on a metal surface and keep flat at all times - can be vertical or horizontal.     Fumes, vapours of solvents, air-born contaminants and prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage the magnet.

Otherwise when re-applied, damage may result to the sign, the paintwork and the surface of the metal.  ENSURE PAINTED SURFACES ARE DRY AND PAINT IS FULLY CURED BEFORE APPLYING MAGNETIC SIGNS.

 Failure to do so may, after protracted period affect paintwork.







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