Special Deals on Protector Strips, Car Graphics, Stoneguard

Special prices if all fitted at same time!

Special Deals

Car Protector Strips & Stoneguard

Damage from other car doors! Stones Flying on the highway!  Bags being dragged across boot sills! Avoid the damage by fitting protector strips and Stoneguard Vinyl Film

Watercolour Paintings

Indulge yourself by having your pet painted in watercolour or any other precious subject.  View my Paintings for Sale. Book a watercolour lesson


Vehicle signage,  A Frames, Builders and Real Estate Corflute signs, Domed badges & banners to promote your business and help it succeed!

Car Graphics and Pinstripes

Exciting new car graphics either  printed or vinyl cut colours or maybe a subtle pinstripe.

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Professional Signs and Graphics - Exciting Art - Commissions - Lessons - For sale

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Car Protector Strips

The best way to prevent damage caused by car doors opening onto your paintwork chipping paint, and denting panels, decreasing the value of your investment?   Fit protector strips.  StoneGuard vinyl film fitted to bonnet stops stone damage MORE...

Vehicle Graphics & Pinstripes

Reflect your style with vehicle graphics, pinstripes, sport GT stripes, in beautiful printed styles, or two colour computer cuts. Fitted in Brisbane or sent anywhere. You are only limited by your imagination MORE...


Essential signage to promote your business, including vehicles, A frame signs, banners, stickers and labels. Also available are Corflute signs and magnetic signs MORE...

Special Deals

Email me - click: autotrim@autotrimdesign.com.au  or phone 0411 878 952

Special Combo Deals when you get  two or more products fitted  at same time

DEAL NO. 1 Protection Package   

Only $650.00 to fit all three:  protector strip, Stoneguard on boot ledge and Stoneguard on bonnet  -   save $80.00 fitting all three at same time.

pink for display only - Stoneguard is actually a very tough clear vinyl

DEAL NO. 2 Protection + Sporty Graphics

Only $370.00  to fit computer cut graphics + protector strips   -  save $40.00 fitting both at same time.


DEAL No. 3 The Full Package   -  protector strip, computer cut graphics, bonnet stoneguard and boot ledge stoneguard    

Price to fit all at same time only $800.00  -  a saving of $120.00


Save $60.00 on supply and fitting  - one kit only in stock - fitted price $190.00   100mm x 100mm Dark Grey sport stripe

Save $80.00 on Lightning Graphics kit -  two kits only in stock  - fitted price $160.00