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Watercolour Lessons

Car Protector Strips & Stoneguard

Damage from other car doors! Stones Flying on the highway!  Bags being dragged across boot sills! Avoid the damage by fitting protector strips and 3M Clear Vinyl Film

Watercolour Paintings

Indulge yourself by having your pet painted in watercolour or any other precious subject.  View my Paintings for Sale. Book a watercolour lesson


Tasteful or sporty - to reflect your style!

Car Graphics

Exciting new car graphics either  printed or vinyl cut colours.

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Car Protector Strips & Films

Prevent damage caused by car doors opening onto your paintwork , stones flying up onto bonnets.  Fit protector strips & StoneGuard vinyl film fitted to bonnet and boot sill.  MORE...

Vehicle Graphics & Pinstripes

Reflect your style with vehicle graphics, pinstripes, in beautiful printed styles, or two colour computer cuts. You are only limited by your imagination.  MORE...


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Watercolour Lessons       -     Brisbane  Australia

Contact:   autotrim@autotrimdesign.com.au  or phone 0411 878 952

 Morning or afternoon weekdays - relax, have a cup of coffee  - learn to paint !

Think you can only draw stickmen?  Don't worry - "if you can draw a dot I can show you the rest".  If you want a good reason to take up watercolour painting read my article on watercolour as a medium on my About Me page

          A painting in progress of a painting in progress!    It just shows that you can't pick your students sometimes!

What's Involved?     Invite 3 or 4 friends to your home, provide a suitable table, chairs with old tablecloth (minimal mess- no solvent odour) and I will provide all necessary art materials.  Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together while I share this exciting art medium with you.

 An afternoon or morning lesson of 4 hours is $80.00 per person for 3 or more people. The lessons are informal and are generally an introductory one-off lesson into the medium.  Future lessons by arrangement.

I have painted all my life and for many years have loved watercolour which has the advantage of easy setup, easy storage of finished works, requires only a small area.  It is a very dynamic medium to work in - all kinds of 'happy accidents' occur - quite unplanned but which enhance the result.  It can be the hardest to learn, but the easiest to play with.  You can choose to take it to whatever level you wish to   -  fun or serious.

Grab a few friends and have a great time together, learning a great creative new skill that you will be able to turn to at any time when you want something fun and beautiful to do.



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